General Westlaw Wireless™ FAQ

Does hourly billing work for Westlaw Wireless?
No. Finding documents, retrieving KeyCite results, and searching Westlaw are billed on a transactional basis only.

Can I access data that is not included in my limited data access plan?
Yes, you can access data outside your access plan, but you will be charged regular database rates. You will be notified when you incur additional charges.

Will my Westlaw password and client identifier be saved after entering them once per session?
Yes. Once you complete a request and click Home, your password and client identifier will automatically be displayed in the Password and Client ID text boxes the next time you make a request.

Can I e-mail my result to multiple people?
Yes. Separate multiple e-mail addresses with a semicolon(;) or a comma(,).

I tapped the Term arrow to move to the next term in my result and I see another Term arrow. Why?
Because Westlaw data is sent to you in chunks, you may have to tap the Term arrow up to three times to get to the next term.

Note: Web Clipping Applications including Westlaw Wireless do not work on devices using the GoAmerica service.

Platform Specific Help

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